CBROSEY Spray Antipulci,Antipulci Gatti,Antipulci Cane,Antipulci Gatto Spray,Antipulci per Gatti,Spray per la Protezione delle pulci,Cani Gatti Pulci Zecche


Flea Control-This flea spray can be used to remove fleas, ticks and other parasites and protect your beloved dog or cat from fleas, ticks and other parasites. Create a safer environment for your dogs, cats, children and you.
Long-term Protection-This flea spray can protect pets for 24 hours. No matter where your pet lives, at home or in the yard, there is no need to worry about keeping yourself and your children away from your beloved partner.
Premium Ingredients-our flea control spray does not contain any irritating chemicals and gently removes fleas, ticks and other parasites. Can completely resist fleas on the skin. Protect pet health.